For The Love of Leather


For 83 years, Law Tanning Company has produced fine leathers in the United States. As a fourth-generation American owned and operated leather producer, it is our goal to deliver a quality product to our customers year after year. The Law family began tanning splits in 1936 in Milwaukee not far from where we are located today. Ten years later, in 1946, the family opened a grain tannery in Cudahy, Wisconsin. After its closure in 2008, the Law family focused its attention on the Law Tanning operation. Since that time, Law Tanning has been expanding its product offerings. Today, we produce full grain cow, full grain and corrected grain steer, cowhide split and suede products, unique American bison, nubuck pig grain with abilities in elk, deer and kangaroo. All of this under one roof in downtown Milwaukee.

In 2019, Law Tanning invested heavily into our infrastructure with state-of-the-art equipment, including new sample drums, a new tanner, other key personnel and talent and recently committed to a complete rebuild of our on-site water treatment facility. We have no plans to stop there as we continue to invest in new equipment, training of our workforce and new ways of sourcing material.


The Leadership

Ryan Law

Paul - CFO

Paul Bell
Chief Financial Officer

Joe Galaszewski
Plant Superintendent

Kim Galaszewski
Customer Service Manager

Natalie Prentice
Customer Service, Logistics

Arturo Alvarado
Assistant Plant Superintendent

Hugo Perea
Assistant Plant Superintendent

Lance Tamer
Facilities Manager